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Geekocity Computers is a one man operation by a SSU Computer Science Major.

Why choose my services over my competitors? Simple, I answer to only one person, you. I don't have managers forcing me to upsell you incredibly overpriced goods. I don't have bosses requiring me to perform pointless tests to bilk you out of more of your money. If I don't do a good enough job, I won't make money since my client referrals are my business lifeline.

As a developer, my first thoughts are how to make content to be easy to understand and simple to update. Facebook pages and websites need to provide your clients and customers the most up-to-date information about your business. They need to be easy to navigate and each page needs concise information. I'll teach you how to make the necessary updates to your Facebook page or website, so you aren't stuck paying $100 a month for someone to add a sentence or picture to your page or site.

I know I wouldn't trust a business that doesn't protect my data, or views my data as part of their personal collection. Why trust a company whose Wikipedia page has a section devoted to controversy or companies whose own employees are more than willing to throw them under the bus? Why would you voluntarily use a company that thinks a computer catching on fire doesn't need to be replaced? Would you rely a company that "fixes" a keyboard with nothing but superglue? Would you trust a company that "fixes" a computer by replacing the wrong part? How about a company that wants to charge you $580 to plug a cable back into the hard drive and suggests buying a new computer instead? How about a company that sells you a $6,000 computer and then won't fix it when it breaks?

I'll be the first person to admit that I don't know everything. However, if I can't fix it or figure out how to fix it quickly, I will be up front with you and direct you to someone that should be able to help you. I don't offer my services so cheaply because I'm incompetent, I offer them cheaply because I need the experience and references.

Latest News

- I've been asked why I don't actively promote my business and have not sped up the revamp of my site. I don't like having to turn down new clients due to a heavy workload and if I were stop relying on more than positive word of mouth, I would have to start doing so.

- I'm slowly, but surely, narrowing down how I want to redo my website. I've got from a dozen ideas to about 4. With any luck, I'll finish the update shortly after the Spring Semester ends.

- I've got a new awesome client!


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Bill Doughty Landscaping Inc. [Under Construction]

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